About Us

We Want To Be The Part Of The Humble Beginnings Of Your Precious One

My Art Baby is very successful, especially with the release of new products in 2019, a contemporary, environmentally friendly best baby products that carried the industry by storm. It forced us to develop as a business. It forced us to aim high. We have been compelled to develop as a family. And it offered us the chance to develop our babies into good, attentive kids.

Our promise at My Art Baby is to provide parents around the world with products that are of the highest quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly. We strive to empower our staff and clients with the required expertise through natural parenting to create a beneficial effect on the planet.

Our key focus is on building a secure, reliable, accessible, and professional child and infant brand management “We are enthusiastic about creativity and providing lively yet diverse products that are interesting, stylish, innovative, enjoyable, and up-to-date for your newborn and toddler baby. We are doing our utmost sincerity to provide stimulating and enjoyable products that compliment the growth and lifestyle of your child or toddler and make life easier and simpler for parents. We enjoy what we do and we are passionate about doing it.

Our Mission

My Art Baby aim is to create learning, play, and growing for your child of affordable yet high quality. They are called toys because they are attractive, enjoyable, fun, and instructional as they are enlightening and emotional and complement the growth of your child.

We provide great value to your baby’s upbringing, accessible shopping for young parents & mum’s and children’s everyday needs.

Our Team Is Working To Guarantee Quality Efficiently and Wffectively.

What do We do?

My Art Baby is your one-stop-shop for all-natural baby goods, including:  

1. Diapers Booster: 

We give premium diaper booster brands. Our choice of contemporary diapers booster pads is the supreme mixture of eco-friendly comfort from all-in-ones to hybrid shells to infant trainers.

2. Baby Gear: 

We have all the top-quality equipment you need for your baby, including vehicle seats, bedding, pacifiers, teethers, diaper packs, etc. We are happy to perform the industry’s finest brands-choose from Nuby, Mothercare, Baby Jhonsons and Marpac USA.

3. Baby Feeding Products:

Looking for your baby’s finest in natural feeding products? We have it all-cans, sippy cups, breastfeeding equipment, supplies for baby food, containers for dinner, and more. Our extensive choice involves LifeFactory, RePlay, and Comotomo products.

4. Baby Carriers & Wraps:

Keep your child safe and secure with our complete choice of top-of-the-line carriers, slings, and wraps from premium products such as Sakura Bloom, Tula, and Kyte Baby.

5. Natural Dolls & Toys: 

We give a complete range of environmentally friendly and viable toys with which you can feel great. Choose from a range of well-known products such as Grimm’s, Grapat, and Haba.

6. Baby Wellness: 

Looking for the best accessible health and wellness products that are environmentally friendly? We’ve coated you with a choice of natural toiletries, sunscreen, accessories for showers, and clothes from the best baby products such as Legendairy, Shea Moisture, and Nosefrida.

Well, Trust us, When we say we do care for the Quality & comfort of your Precious One!