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Babies have so much to learn from the world around them. Every new shape, colour or texture is a learning experience for them. And here is where toys come into play. Toys are a great way to spark their imagination, allow them to engage and encourage them to interact with the world in their way. That’s why it is important to choose the right toy for your child to develop their senses at the right time. On the other hand, choosing the right bottle for your infant or toddler is also crucial for their health. Bottle feeding is essential when it comes to controlling the quantity of milk. Because the flow of milk is consistent in a bottle unlike in breastfeeding. In this article, you will know about the Best baby toys & best baby bottles and why they are the must-have items for moms to have in 2022.

The most common question after knowing the must-haves of moms is what are the best bottles for newborns, best infant toys, best toys, best glass baby bottles, best bottles for a baby for 3-month-olds in 2022. There are arguably thousands of best baby toys & best baby bottles out there on the market, but it is not possible to buy all of them. Addressing the best ones in terms of affordability and use will be the ultimate determiner of the best baby toys & best baby bottles that mom’s need. We will now see the variety of best options we have amongst these baby products.

# What Are The Best Baby Toys?

We can Categorise toys in many different ways. For example, we have music toys,  soft toys and educational toys for toddlers. Many parents look for the best developmental toys for babies. Whether you have a toddler or an infant you will have something to take away from this list of the best baby toys.

# Best Baby Toys 0-6 Months?

For infants, all we can look at is the soft toys that won’t hurt them. There is also another light in weight solid toy that we will be looking at here. All of these are sure to impress every infant. These are the very best baby toys for 6-12-month-old babies!

# Munchkin Bath Baba’s

Best Baby Toys & Best Baby Bottles

First, we have these Munchkin Bath Baba which is not only cute but also inexpensive. They are two cute Arctic Bath Bobbers, one the Polar Bear and one Penguin. These are great for Bath times and can be used outside the bathtub as well. Bath times are meant to be safe and fun for your infant. What I like about them is their durability. They have a hard-wearing baby pick them up and start chewing them which is all they want to do especially because of those teeth that are about to come, they can do it, it’s totally fine and safe too. They have weighted buttons which means they are fun to play outside the bathtub because they are like those wobble toys which you can push over and they will back up again. Not only that they also help babies developmentally. They don’t stay stationary in water so they tend to move around a lot so your baby will try going getting them which will develop their hand-eye coordination and their accuracy too.

# Musical Instrumental Toys

Best Baby Toys & Best Baby BottlesCage bell & wooden rattles! Music toys are the best toys for 3-6-month-old. The one with the cage is called a cage bell and these are great for many reasons. Firstly, the ring is big enough for adults to hold them in their hands while singing a song or getting the attention of their infant. They are light enough for babies to hold them and put them in their mouths. The sound is loud but not too loud and not too annoying. And those wooden rattles are also wonderful. These are perfect for little hands. They are brilliant for teething babies as they love to put them in their mouths. They are super easy to clean and come in multiple designs and paints. One downside though that they do not make much noise but this also makes them less



Lift the flap books! You want to buy books for your infant but you are worried about your infant tearing them up. Well, don’t worry we have got the perfect product for your baby. Try these lift the flap books. It is perfect for little ones to turn and tug. The flags are hard wearing so you don’t need to worry about your child ripping them up.  They come in wonderful colours on every page and they also come with a mirror at the end of the book where your baby can see his or her face.

# Baby Bottles For Kids And Newborns?

Whether you are a father or a mother, nestling your child to your arm and feeding them is the perfect moment for parents to create the best bond with their children. However, choosing the best bottle to feed milk or water is not an easy task. Finding the best baby bottles for a kid can make a huge difference in a kid’s health as well as the convenience of a parent. That’s why after a lot of trial and error we have selected the best bottles for infants. These are some of the best bottles for newborns, the best bottles for babies, and also some of the best glass baby bottles as well.

# 2 Main Types of Bottles

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Plastic- Plastics are the most affordable type of bottle in the market. They are light in weight and won’t break easily. However, they can sometimes cause negative health effects. For example, BPA is a chemical that is industrially made when plastic bottles are manufactured. Also, it is not safe to keep the extremely hot liquid in plastic bottles.
  • Glass- they are thermal-shock resistant so no issues regarding heat. They also do not absorb colour or odour from the plastic. They are also easier to clean. However, they are a bit heavier and can break when falling to the ground.

For an infant, you are recommended to you more than one bottle because you will need to breastfeed your infant after every 2-3 hours. That’s why you need the best baby bottles.

The first one on our list of the best baby bottles is the Philips Avent Glass Bottle.

1) Philips Avent Glass Bottle

If you are looking for a baby bottle that is both versatile and durable so that it grows with your baby, then look no more. The reason why calling it is growing with your baby is because it comes in many different ounces.  you start with the four ounces bottle when your child is an infant and graduate with an 8-ounce bottle in this can vary according to the nutritional demand of a baby. Not only that, but the nipples also come in variable sizes, to change along with time.

2) Tommee Tippee (plastic)

If glass bottles are affordable then you can go for the best plastic bottle for your baby.  They all come in six different colours and are Supreme high-quality plastic that can withstand high temperatures. They also mimic Mom’s breast so you won’t have to worry about nipple confusion. Not only that, the bottles are easy to hold as they are light in weight and they are also easy to clean.

Thanks for reading your article about the Best baby toys & best baby bottles.

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