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When you have a baby, all you do might seem like feeding, changing diapers, and taking a nap while your baby sleeps (if you’re lucky). While you may think that your baby cannot do much, it is never too early to play with your child. You might not think your child is ready to kick around a soccer ball or do puzzles yet, but there are plenty of fun activities you can do with her that will benefit her development in the long run.

When it comes to playing with babies, the amount of enjoyment your child derives directly correlates with how much time and effort you put into it. Rachel Coley, an occupational therapist, and blogger at Can Do Kiddo says a baby’s development cannot be isolated from the environment. “A big part of baby hitting key milestones and gaining skills has to do with the materials, experiences, and opportunities to practice that baby receives. By choosing toys and activities that match what your little one is ready to work on, you make the most of your infant’s awake times and set the stage for important early learning.”

Seeing as young babies can’t exactly turn up at the toy aisle and pick something they like, you have to choose playthings that will give them the chance to acquire new skills. Not sure where to start? There’s nothing to worry about. Discover the best developmental baby toys at each age and stage of your baby’s development as you read on.

1. Beans Baby Books Toys, Touch and Feel Crinkle Cloth Books for Babies, Infants & Toddler, Early Development Interactive Car & Stroller Soft Toys for Boys & Girls (Rainforest Tails-1 Book)

  • Baby’s First Library: This early learning toy will delight any baby boy or girl. This book will attract a child’s attention with its bright colors, crinkle features, and squeaker feature. It will develop the child’s audio recognition and motor skills, while the textured animal tails provide sensory stimulation. Baby will enjoy endless hours of fun with these interactive cloth books!
  • With this series of animal-themed cloth books, you can read to your baby about nature and animals, and provide your baby with an introduction to nature. Children’s cloth books are an early educational toy that can help your child develop language ability, reading ability, sensory ability, communication ability, and a rich imagination.
  • Featuring washable materials, no sharp edges, and non-toxic, skin-friendly properties, these handmade cloth books are safe for babies. Additionally, the fabric is soft so few hands have any difficulty gripping it. With the help of a Velcro strap, you can attach this 3D activity book to virtually any stroller, baby fence, or crib.
  • Beiens soft activity books are the perfect toys for baby boys and girls that will last for years and years. Regardless of age or gender, soft baby books make ideal gifts for babies between the ages of 0 – 12 months or 1 – 2 years. They make wonderful baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas gifts.

2. Lupantte 7 in 1 Baby Play Gym Mat with 2 Replaceable Washable Mat Covers Baby Activity Play Mat with 6 Toys, Visual, Hearing, Touch, Cognitive Development for Infant and Toddler, Thicker Non-Slip

  • Mat Covers: Each mat cover is made with anti-slip particles, which makes them suitable for use on most wooden floors. It is possible to hand wash or machine wash the baby play mats.
  • This item is a 7-in-1 tummy moon pillow with 6 removably attached sensory toys that meet all the baby’s development needs. There are six toys included in this set: a baby-safe mirror for self-discovery; a tactile ribbon rattle; an organic cotton star; a dinosaur for touch; elephant ears for hearing; and a cloth book for graphics and color recognition. Moon pillows can be used as tummy time mats for infants.
  • Lupantte gym mats are 1.2 inches thick and soft and provide an upgraded and thicker style. The balance between the flatness and the softness provides the baby with more support when seated, standing, or climbing. While providing a comfortable environment for daily activity, the mat also provides a secure and comfortable space to sleep.
  • Extra Larger Size Play Mat: The dimension of the Lupantte baby gym mat is around 36.5*25.5*20.5 in, giving babies plenty of space for activities and games, accommodating up to two babies aged 0-6 months. Minimum Age-0 Months; Maximum Age-12 Months.
  • This baby bouncer is easy to put up and take down thanks to a non-slip bottom and 100% baby-safe materials. Easily set up or disassembled in one minute, this baby play gym is lightweight and portable for use indoors or out.

3. Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support – Pillow Support for Newborn and Older Babies, with Detachable Support Pillow and Toys, for Development of Strong Head and Neck Muscles

  • The design is a supportive C-shaped pillow with stackable pillows, a removable teether, a tummy time pillow, a soft seat positioning prop, and a caterpillar to keep your baby entertained while developing head and neck muscles
  • Features a BPA-free teether, a plush cloth sun, and a soft, yet firm stackable support pillow that grows and changes as your child does.
  • This package is perfect for gifting: it can be given as a gift during baby showers, birthdays, holidays, Christmas, and more
  • Cleaning: Use a damp cloth or sponge to spot clean only. Do not wash
  • Designing smartly, having fun, and celebrating when an idea becomes a product beloved and used every day by parents nationwide. The Infantino way!

4. SEPHIX Funny Water Tummy Time Mat for Learning Crawling- Best Gifts for Baby & Infant

  • Tummy to Play — Are you still looking for a suitable tummy time toy for your baby? Congratulations! Discover this colorful and adorable tummy mat designed especially for introducing your little tyke to tummy time in a fun and fun way!
  •  Mats with bright colors always catch babies’ eyes! Put air in the outer ring and water in the inner mat. The vivid sea world will draw your little angel’s attention and he or she will be tempted to grab the colorful floating toys. During tummy time, keep your baby happy without any crying!
  • What are the benefits of Tummy Time Mats? It’s both sensory and motor development when you play on the baby water tummy mat! As your baby views and feels the colorful ocean world, its leg and shoulder muscles are being exercised to promote fast crawling and rolling over.
  •  Enjoy Every Where — Our tummy time mat is made of PVC, soft and durable for easy folding and storage. When you’re done with it, simply empty it and put it in your bag or backpack. No matter where your baby is, it can be the activity center, whether it is at home, the beach, the grass, or the pool!
  •  Perfect Gift for Babies — No worry about the baby crying during tummy time! This water tummy mat can keep your baby’s attention for a significant amt of time. Give your baby a happy tummy time. It is the best holiday presents, daily toys, Christmas gift for your little sweetie.

5. Washable Baby Gym Activity Center with Play Mat, Rainbow Early Development Playmats, 6 Toys for Infant & Toddler, Larger, Non-Slip

  • With the easy-to-clean mat, moms need not be concerned about mats getting dirty since it is machine washable. Lastly, there are anti-slip particles in the mat’s bottom. It is safe to use on wooden/marble floors.
  • It’s easy to assemble or disassemble in one minute, and it’s light enough to carry indoors or outdoors.
  • 6 Removable Toys: Fully meet the baby’s growth needs. The toys are unique, each has either a different texture or sound they make (crinkle fabric, bell, squeaker, etc).
  • Large Size Mat: The activity play mat not only is a perfect size for your baby but also improves bonding with easy parental access.

6. Baby Teething Toys 6 Packs BPA Free Silicone Baby Teethers, Freezer Safe Organic Infant Teething Toys Soft & Textured for Natural Brain Development

Material freeToxin Free, BPA Free, Chemical Free
Package Dimensions6 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches; 5.61 Ounces
Age Range (Description)Baby


About this item

  • 【100% Safe & Comfortable for Baby It is completely safe for infants and BPA-free, toxin-free, dishwasher and freezer safe. Our Natural Organic Safe Teethers concentrate on the safety and health of a baby’s growth.
  • Teething toys are designed to reduce fussiness, soothe gums, and massage gums, reducing teething discomfort. You can freeze them so they will be more soothing for the baby. These amazing fruit teether toys are a safe and easy solution to gums’ pain relief. Help your little ones get through those rough periods with beautiful soothing pieces.
  • 【Attractive Cute Fruit Design】In this pack, there are 6 teething toys with different fruit designs and shapes. The colors and shapes of the fruit are appealing to the baby. Teethers come in different shapes and sizes. They can massage teething gums and soothe teething symptoms. Furthermore, the babies can learn color recognition and shape recognition through these teething toys. For the developmental comfort of a baby, they are an ideal choice.
  • 【Perfectly Fit for Baby’s Hands】The baby teething toys are perfectly shaped for little hands to grab easily. The handle is just right for the baby to hold and the size is good for them to chew it and prevent swallowing. These teethers also exercise the baby’s fingers’ flexibility and gripping ability.
  • 【Lovely Baby Shower Gift】If you are looking for a cute and functional gift for a baby, then this teething toy set is your perfect choice. They will not only give babies a happy time, but parents will also surely like these colorful teethers as these teething toys help their parenting job easier.

7. Promise Babe Organic Wooden Baby Push Toys Fine Motor Development Sensory Skills Toy Montessori Grasping Teething Toy 2pc Wood Car Rattles

BrandPromise Babe
Material Type FreeBPA Free, Lead-Free
Package Dimensions5.98 x 5.59 x 2.28 inches; 2.12 Ounces
Age Range (Description)Baby

About this item

  • Unlike silicone, wood does not easily accumulate dust and does not require water to wash. It doesn’t easily tear or deform. The wooden teething toys are made from natural beechwood, a material used for teething toys, with no paint.
  • The baby teething toy is finger-size, perfect for infants. Play and learn with this set, it helps infants with their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • You and your child will love playing with them. Wooden rattles make wonderful gifts and are classic learning tools.
  • Favorite of children, also help develop children’s minds and imaginations, ideal new mom and infant gift set
  • This wooden toy is made of raw wood with no paint or wax on the surface. However, direct cleaning of the wood with water can cause cracking, so it is best to wipe it with a damp cloth. You can also apply olive oil to protect it.

8. OKIKI Elephant Plush Stuffed Infant Toy, Baby Development Toys with Musical Box, Squeaky Feet, Kids Mirror, BPA Free Teether – Stroller, Crib, Carseat Baby Toys

Material100% Super Soft Plush
Material Type FreeBPA Free
Product Dimensions4.72 x 6.3 x 10.24 inches; 8.01 Ounces
Age Range (Description)Baby

About this item

  • The softest plush in the world
  • The various sounds that this toy makes should awaken your baby’s auditory awareness as well, as it helps your baby develop the Key Motor Skills like grasping, pulling, and transferring from one hand to another.
  • If your baby isn’t hungry, he will be fascinated by the sounds and become quite quickly without any real problems to deal with, like tantrums. It increases the baby’s auditory awareness in addition to helping him regulate his emotions when he has a tantrum.
  • When you let your baby play with this toy, you won’t have a care in the world! The materials are all safe, there are no small parts, and even the hanging ring is made from rounded plastic. You can also wash it by hand to make sure that it is clean enough to even be chewed on.
  • This toy can keep the baby happily occupied for a long time; It can help him Develop Skills, Have Fun, and even Sleep; Trips to the doctor and travel will be more relaxing for you and your baby if you bring it with you.
  • SAVE UP SOME MONEY | Hooray! Since it doesn’t have batteries, you’re saving plenty of money. Additionally, because it uses a pull string, it teaches your baby about cause and effect: first, you pull the orange ring, then he does it himself.


How to choose the best toys for your newborn baby

How much should I spend?

Your newborn will enjoy a variety of toys that will assist them in their development in addition to being fun and entertaining.

Although you can spend much more on a single toy, you don’t need to. In general, the more you spend, the more complicated the toy will be, so consider how long you need your baby to be entertained; are you only looking for a cute ten-minute distraction or a battery-powered playmat?

What kind of toys should I buy my baby?

A lot of parents buy toys because they find them attractive, because they have been marketed well, or because they have seen other parents using them. Nevertheless, you must buy a toy that meets your child’s developmental needs.

Children’s toys between the ages of zero and one stimulate the senses by encouraging head/eye movement, touch, hearing, and sight. There are also toys that purport to help with sleep, meaning you can attempt to catch some much-needed shut-eye without feeling guilty. Our list is filled with crinkly, shiny, noisy (sorry!) toys, as well as playmats to facilitate tummy time.

Are there any safety considerations?

If you want to feel at ease, make sure the product you plan to buy meets EU safety standards. If the toy bears the CE symbol, it indicates that it was manufactured within the EU and complies with its quality standards. This is not the same symbol as the CE symbol indicates only that it was fabricated in China. For extra confidence, look for BS EN-71 certification – a British standard that declares that any toy (or other items) intended for under-14s won’t choke, poison, or otherwise harm your child through careless design.

Most importantly, though, use common sense. Those that contain sharp parts or long cords or toys that pose an obvious choking hazard should be avoided.

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