When To Switch From Infant Car Seat To Convertible?

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Over the years traveling with infants via cars and vans has become easier thanks to the invention of infant car seats. But you cannot always use them and many parents have had the question “when to switch from infant car seats to convertible?” and hence this article is all about infant car seats and convertibles. As a parent, you cannot always stay home with your baby and sometimes you HAVE to go out to get the essentials and you need to take your infant baby with you. You have always used infant car seats but is it the time to switch to convertibles? Let’s find out, shall we?

When Do You Switch From Infant Car Seat To Convertible?

The thing is, most of the parents don’t have an idea when to switch from infant car seat to convertible. Either they use the infant seats longer than needed or switch to convertibles earlier. Infant car seats are rear-facing bucket-style seats that most parents use through the first 2 years.

These seats all use a five-point harness and come with a newborn insert to use from birth until your child is 11 and 15 pounds. Convertible car seats also referred to as toddler seats are designed in such a way that they can face both forward and backward in the car.

They use the 5 point harness car seat up to 100 lbs. But we recommend you use the rear-facing mode for as long as possible. So when to change from infant car seat to convertible? Your child has outgrown the infant seats when either of the 2 things happens:

  • The top of their heads is less than an inch from the top of the seat when buckled in
  • They’ve reached the weight limit, which is typically 30 to 35 pounds

But then again it varies from children to children their height and weight. The above things happen between 9 months and 2 years after birth. Ideally, this is the time to change to convertibles

How To Remove The Car Seat From The Base?

Another question that I’ve faced is “how to remove the infant car seat from the base?” and here’s your answer:

Push the two buttons on the handle to raise it or push the handle before pulling the handle into the upright position. Grab the release button on the bottom of the car seat and squeeze the button is situated either near the infant’s feet or behind his head. Pull up on the carrier until it releases from the base.

Graco car seats such as Graco Extend2fit Walmart and Amazon Graco car seats have similar features. so pull up on the front corners of the seat to make sure it is locked. From the back of the car seat, squeeze the base release handle and lift the car seat. Press the handle adjustment buttons on both sides of the handle. Make sure the handle locks into the position before lifting the carrier.

Similar methods can be applied to Bitty baby car seats, Maxi Cosi convertible car seats, hello kitty infant car seats, Chico keyfit 22, Cosco comfy convertible car seat, camo convertible car seats, etc. Over time companies have developed better and more comfortable car seats with various colors and new features. such as an adjustable car seat.

Typically if it’s a girl parents opt for a pink toddler car seat whereas if it’s a boy parents go for black or blue ones. Nevertheless, most car seats have all the basic necessary features and functioning modes for your child’s safety and comfort.

How To Keep The Baby Cool In The Car Seat?

Now let’s talk about the comfort of our babies in a car seat. You need to keep the babies cool since too much heat makes them irritable and you certainly don’t want that! When temperatures rise a little higher than usual infants cannot cope up with these hot temperatures and start wailing. It’s important to recognize this sign of discomfort and quickly take action . and to take on actions one must be prepared before heading out with your child. There are some simple ways to keep your child comfortable on a hot day.

  • use your car’s AC
  • dress your child appropriately for the weather
  • use cooling towels
  • tint your car windows
  • use reflective sunshades or car seat sunshades
  • switch to light coloured car seats if you haven’t already
  • help your child sweat
  • try the google

Other than keeping them cool, the comfort of your child lies on the reclining of the forward-facing car seat. The recline angle also ensures the safety of your child. It is safest for a forward-facing child to ride fully upright. Many convertible seats have both recline and upright positions.

How To Install Safety 1st Car Seat Front-Facing?

The safety 1st car seat is comparatively easier to install. It comes with a harness holder, which helps it to install it every day very easily. Take it wherever you want you don’t have to worry about wasting your precious time on installing the car seat. It has a LATCH system, which makes installation easier. And not only that, it is an alternative for installing the car seat without a seat-belt. For placing your child for forward-facing, your child must be 22 pounds or at least 34 inches all. If your child is younger than this age he or she should be placed in rear-facing.

The Steps-

  • First, we will route the latch belt, remove the latch anchors from their storage position and loosen the adjuster as long as possible. If your latch belt is completely routed, then you can begin your installation.
  • Choose the seat you want to install the car seat.
  • Lock the recline stand by rotating it and pushing out.
  • Use the latch connectors or your vehicle’s seat-belt to install.
  • To attach, just push the connector into the vehicle’s seat latch anchor.
  • Be sure the anchor is secure.
  • Then attach the second latch connector.
  • Tighten the latch belt by firmly pushing down by force, and pulling the free end of the latch belt.
  • See if the car seat is moving or not if it is moving then try to better tighten the latch belt.
  • Periodically check if the seat is tight or not.

So that’s all I wanted to say in this article. I hope you got the idea when to switch from infant car seats to convertible. Thanks a lot for reading.

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